Our ambition



# City, port, industries : the new laboratories of the Valley of the Seine

Le Havre Smart Port City relies on the collective strength of public and private stakeholders driven by the shared ambition of competitiveness, attractiveness, and pride.

Competitiveness through innovation to face competition from large European industrial and port complexes and develop swifter, safer, and more innovative exchanges ;

Enhanced attractiveness of an area with unique assets, included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List and which has become a popular destination for tourists thanks to a unique range of services ; 

Regained pride of the inhabitants and employees around the industrial and port identity of the city, emphasised by a bold cultural project designed to make everyone fall in love with Le Havre.

Designed to answer the call of the state-initiated Programme des Investissements d’Avenir (Future Investments Programme), Le Havre Smart Port City is much more than an application based on a package of innovative investments, new companies, and prototype demonstrators. It is a genuine economic transformation and development ten-year strategy based on :

  • Interconnectivity between companies and institutions, researchers and industrial partners, service providers and clients looking for solutions
  • The emergence of a thriving innovative environment adaptable to similar cities
  • A combination of 21 complementary actions designed to :
    • optimise the flow of goods and the mobility of professionals and employees within the Valley of the Seine industrial area
    • encourage the development and use of green energy and improve environmental assessment by the stakeholders
    • facilitate data exchange and processing to create new services for companies and inhabitants
    • improve the quality of life to attract and retain students, talents, and visitors
    • contribute to the emergence of new professions and new jobs
    • use the identity of the area as a source of competitiveness and pride to inspire far beyond the Valley of the Seine

# Major projects :