Our ambition



The attractiveness and competitiveness of a territory rely on other aspects than the sole economic performance of its organisations. Providing fertile ground – innovation, training, research, funding… – for the development of an innovative ecosystem is paramount

In order to fight off the fierce competition of their rivals, local economic stakeholders have developed various projects to enhance the attractiveness of the area : excellence research and innovation chairs to foster innovation and support their funding, training programmes, cultural projects and events…    

Attractiveness for companies

  • Drone platform : a range of services designed to test and develop market solutions for drones based on the mobilisation of experts
  • Fablab pro : a shared facility dedicated to the industry of the future and to the transformation of VSBs and SMBs of the Valley of the Seine
  • Transitions, Energy, and Maritime Territories Bachelor’s Degree  (BASc) : creation of a new transdisciplinary training course on « Transitions, Energy, and Maritime Territories » combining formal sciences and social sciences

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Attractiveness for individuals :

  • Rêver LH (Dreaming LH) : creation of a society to build and operate a hotel on a floating pontoon in order to provide visitors with a unique immersive experience at the heart of the port city
  • The Port Center of the future : the Port Center is willing to develop next-generation services to reinvent the relationship between citizens, the port, and maritime and industrial activities
  • Smart Cruise : a project combining an operational management centre and a research laboratory dedicated to the study of new practices in terms of cruise tourism and the development of services for cruise tourists
  • Hydroponics in the port city : introduction of vegetable production in mobile shipping containers for local consumption