Our ambition



The development of digital technologies and services provides endless opportunities for innovation in order to improve the quality and performance of organisations and address contemporary issues yet to be resolved in the area (smart data applied to the urban, industrial, and port contexts, smart grids, integration of predictive assessments using artificial intelligence, industries of the future, cyber security…).

The projects

  • Data platform : creation of a company driven by Orange, in close collaboration with SOGET, in order to develop a data platform dedicated to logistics, port, urban, and environmental activities as well as a whole range of related services
  • Big Data Maritime : recapitalisation of Sinay, an innovative SME from Normandy developing big data software dedicated to environmental monitoring and port activities optimisation
  • Emaritime : recapitalisation of SOGET – an iconic company from the Le Havre area – to develop the next generation of services related to freight transport through the use of big data and artificial intelligence
  • Cybersecurity centre : creation of a maritime and port cybersecurity centre (SOC) accessible to all stakeholders of the Industrial Port Zone (ZIP)
  • Marins Research : a connected ship bridge simulator designed for testing connected solutions and for training against cyber attacks