Our ambition



The essence of Le Havre Smart Port City is to implement an exemplary territorial transformation project that can benefit all citizens equally and in a sustainable way. In order to do this, the project intends to demonstrate its capacity to improve the quality of life of all citizens by providing solutions to some crucial issues : employment, lifelong learning, quality of life, perspectives, local pride… c

The projects

  • Public and private stakeholders willing to be involved in Le Havre Smart Port City have to commit and contribute to local employment 
  • Industrial and tertiary job offers have to match local labour supply, with the help of improved local employment services
  • Easy implementation of Le Havre Smart Port City innovations thanks to ethnographic surveys and tests with citizens, starting with citizens from districts situated near the city-port interface areas
  • Experimentation of an information exchange system about Le Havre Smart Port City actions with citizens, with the help of the Port Center, Hangar 0, as well as contemporary performing artists
  • Hydroponics in the port city : introduction of vegetable production in mobile shipping containers for local consumption