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The use of data at the heart of port services

The use of data at the heart of port services 1

The Port of Le Havre and Orange have launched an ambitious territorial platform project – entitled Smart Data Services – within the frame of the Le Havre Smart Port City project.

« The fuel of smart services is data »

claims Cyril CHEDOT, Head of the Territory Planning Department at the Great Maritime Port of Le Havre (GPMH). From this perspective, it comes as no surprise that discussions carried out during the development of the Le Havre Smart Port City project highlighted the need for a genuine data platform – accessible to all data providers and users – to facilitate the actions of all stakeholders.

The aim is to « share operational data to enable the development of new services ».

For example, in terms of mobility, « there is an interest in connecting freight management systems with traffic regulation systems to be more efficient and provide precise real-time information to all users ».

Boosting the local environment : a major issue for the area

In the meantime, the development of this territorial platform will enable project partners to give a new impetus to entrepreneurship and innovation related to data processing.

« Start-ups and researchers need these data to boost the local environment ».

Several partners are at the centre of the development of the territorial data platform, including the Port of Le Havre, Orange, SOGET – developer and operator of port platforms, Le Havre Seine Métropole – instigator of the Le Havre Smart Port City project, and CISCO – expert in port information systems – whose CEO, Chuck Robbins, confirmed earlier this year his decision to invest up to € 61.6 million in France over the next three years, and particularly in Le Havre.

The renewal of services in the port area at the heart of the agenda .

For now, various stakeholders are working on a prototype which should be achieved within a year, says Cyril CHEDOT.

« We have to carry out experiments to identify which services have to be developed from this platform and which specific uses can be expected ».

Anyhow, this is a crucial project for the local community : « we evolve in a competitive environment, and other ports such as the Port of Antwerp are already working on this type of solution ». Ultimately, « it is clear to see that the renewal of services in the port area is at the heart of the agenda ».