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The revival of the fishing harbour

The revival of the fishing harbour 1

Under the initiative of governmental services and GPMH, the Seine-Maritime Local Authority Council filled an institutional void on 1st January by providing the fishing harbour of Le Havre with a proper legal status.

The fleet of approximately 25 fishing boats attached to the fishing harbour of Le Havre are now part of an ensemble which includes the fishing ports of Fécamp and Le Tréport.

Now managed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Seine Estuary, the fishing port was able to conduct much-needed rehabilitation works. Out of the € 2 million needed for its modernisation, € 800,000 were allocated by the Port of Le Havre, which completed the dredging operations necessary for the full exploitation of the site. 

The Seine-Maritime Local Authority Council allocated € 800,000 for the replacement of floating pontoons and gangways. Le Havre Seine Métropole, the Region of Normandy, and the European Union also contributed to the rehabilitation works.