Our ambition

Supporting change

Supporting change 1

The capacity of the area to generate and/or host innovation is crucial to its attractiveness.

Therefore, the development of an environment that will foster innovation dynamics on important issues for the area is one of the main initiatives carried out by our application. It concerns the mobility of people and goods, energy transition, digital transition, and the preservation and respect of the environment.

To this end, Le Havre Smart Port City initiatives are built around :

The development of an environment that will foster innovation in the area for innovative stakeholders, whether they are providers or users.

1/ The creation of facilities and platforms designed to protect innovative products and solutions resulting from Le Havre Smart Port City projects and facilitate their implementation on the market. In addition, Le Havre Smart Port City is working towards :

# The development of a whole range of services and equipment addressing the issues identified by local stakeholders

# The sharing of fixed costs (support, facilities, equipment…) in order to optimise business models and the financing of platforms in order to reach critical size

# The organisation of a partnership governance to facilitate the evolution of the structure in order to always match market requirements

# The identification of adequate legal structures to help finance the implementation of the innovation hub

2/ The development of demonstrators carried out by economic stakeholders and designed to validate industrial solutions to operationally address major issues in the area.

The emergence of urban, port, and industrial demonstrators will be facilitated by the implementation of innovation and experimentation consortia, required to validate the industrial decisions taken by economic stakeholders. In more practical terms, it consists of :

# The implementation of collaborative projects designed to create or acquire products, services, or innovative technologies ;

# The experimentation of products and solutions in real conditions on the city-port interface areas. a