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Influenced by the uniqueness and diversity of the Le Havre urban community, Le Havre Smart Port City aims to build – over the next ten years – an area for innovation at the service of urban, port, and industrial excellence.

In more practical terms, local authorities and their constituents, the Great Maritime Port of Le Havre (GPMH), major international corporations, local SMEs, research laboratories, and higher education stakeholders, have decided to combine their expertise and know-how to create techonolgical, economical, cultural, environmental, and social innovations driven by their pride to belong to the area and their willingness to help Le Havre become an international reference. 3 \lsdlocke

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Un Eté Au Havre

76600 LE HAVRE

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Université Le Havre

25 Rue Philippe Lebon
76600 Le Havre

02 32 74 40 00

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